Sign to Paramount School Park, with ball field, skate park, play equipment, BBQ/pavilion and walking paths.

New playground equipment in Paramount School Park.

Billboard at the iconic landmark second run movie Crest Cinema Theatre.

Blooms on dogwood trees on 165th Street east of 5th Ave NE planted several years ago by the RNA using city grant money.

Sunset in Downtown Ridgecrest with the Olympics in the background.


RNA Overview

Where We Are
The boundary area recognized by the City of Shoreline as the Ridgecrest Neighborhood is as follows: North to NE 175th; South to NE 145th; East to 15th Avenue NE; West to I-5.

How You Get Involved
You might be thinking, “I want a strong community, what can I do?” Funny you should ask. Membership in the RNA is available to and encouraged for all residents, property owners, business licensees, and non-profit organizations within the designated boundaries. No person shall be denied membership on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, handicap or political affiliation.

What the RNA Does
Like all good associations, the RNA has a purpose. Ours is to serve Ridgecrest in three ways.
1. By informing and educating the public on matters relating to the community.
2. Promoting projects that benefit and enhance the quality of life in the Ridgecrest Neighborhood.
3. Providing representation for the interaction with Council of Neighborhoods and the City of Shoreline.

We host forums and meetings as needed to provide information such as:
• Candidate forums
• Capital improvement projects
• Traffic, transportation, and safety issues
• We plan and coordinate events
• Track issues of interest in the neighborhood
• Maintain the quality of life in the neighborhood

The Board and Election of Officers
The Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (known as the Executive Board) are elected by the membership at the general membership meeting each May. Any resident of legal voting age is accorded one per person, with the exception of  group or family homes, which will be accorded one vote per business or organization.